About Me

'My soul cries out: Do not wait, surrender. For the sake of love' Rumi

I began practising yoga and meditation over 20 years ago alongside my training as a professional dancer. I was aware that I was longing for freedom from suffering and that the wisdom of my body was paramount to this. I was also oblivious to the vital, difficult yet beautiful healing journey that lay ahead of me.  I continued to immerse myself in yoga and meditation throughout my dance career, qualified as a yoga teacher in 2009 and became a Senior Yoga Teacher in 2018. Movement and Dance had always been a way of expressing freedom and joy as well as a way to liberate myself from tension. Yoga was a way to connect to both the light and the dark in my own soul, letting it all be felt in its rich fullness & channeling meaning through motion. It’s this honest connection to life itself (being human) that I feel speaks to my students the most.


'Though the road's been rocky, sure feels good to me' Bob Marley

I am continually fascinated by the positive effect of Somatic bodywork for people suffering with or in recovery from CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), PTSD & ACE (adverse childhood experiences), as well as for those debilitated by stress, anxiety, overwhelm illness & injury. My direct experience of the above conditions affords me ample insight into the ways that these conditions can dominate & debilitate.  I am passionately committed to sharing that which has been of real comfort, joy and value to me in the way of tools for healing & helping those with these conditions. In particular, years of exploration of practices like The Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Hanna Somatics & Skinner Releasing Technique have been profoundly therapeutic for me and I weave aspects of these very pleasant and enjoyable tools into many of my classes.

'You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection' Gautama Buddha

I am deeply inspired by a love of music, poetry, imagery & metaphor & I revel in the artistry of language and sound. I aim to do so mindfully, delicately & with awareness so that what is offered is a subtle enrichment that inspires, reconnects & uplifts. I am full of gratitude to my students for celebrating my creativity & welcoming me home to myself in this way. It is such a gift from them, to me, that they show up at my classes, workshops, retreats & trainings – thank you! I welcome them and invite you to come home to yourselves too as you step onto the yoga mat today, tomorrow or whenever you are called. Begin with the BREATH….why not take a deep one now?


The Official Stuff

  • MA Movement Directing & Teaching (Central School of Speech and Drama) 
  • Singing Mamas Song Circle: A movement rooted in community and connection – Leader Training 
  • Yoga Nidra Full Training with Uma Dinsmore – Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli 
  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training Foundation with The Yoga Clinic 
  • Yoga for Healing and Recovery: moving beyond stress, trauma, burnout, anxiety, fatigue, and post-illness through embodied awareness 60hr CPD 
  • Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Intensive with Adelene Cheong 
  • Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) = over 4000 hours spent teaching and training
  • Myofascial Movement for Yoga Training Workshop with Gary Carter
  • Pranayama CPD Intensive with Roger Cole PhD
  • Restorative Yoga 40hr TT Certified with Roger Cole PhD & Yogacampus
  • Yoga for Sports 40 hr TT Certified with Jim Harrington & Yogacampus
  • Well-Woman Yoga Therapy 40 hr TT Certified with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Yogacampus
  • Yoga Nidra Foundation Certified with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli
  • Yoga & The Buddha Subtle body CPD Training with Tias Little
  • Riding the Tiger, The Art of Teaching CPD, Sianna Sherman
  • 200 hrs Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Missingham
  • BA Hons Dance & Performing Arts Degree Middlesex University
  • Diploma Shiatsu Massage – Ealing School of Shiatsu
  • Table Shiatsu Massage Course with Andrew Staib (European School of Shiatsu)
  • City and Guild Teaching Certificate (Sussex Downs College)