Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursdays 7pm – 8pm,
St. Nicholas Youth Centre, Godstone.

Exertion Level: Strong
Good For: Fitness, Flexibility, Strength, Vitality, General Wellbeing, Inner Peace

An open class with a strong, dynamic movement and gorgeous playlists. Blending energising sequences with yogic inspiration.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Mondays 6.45pm – 8pm,
White Hart Barn, Godstone

Exertion Level: Medium
Good For: Flexibility, Mobility, Mindfulness, Calm, General wellbeing, Inner peace

An open class suitable for all levels including beginners, blending mindfulness & breath practices with traditional yoga postures. Everyone’s “go-to” yoga class for a bit of everything

Somatic Yoga

Fridays 10am – 11.15am, Online
(4 week courses. Next starts 7th Jan. Recordings available)

Exertion Level: Extremely Gentle
Good For: Mobility, Mindfulness, Nerves, Injury, Burnout, (Post Op, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia), Present Moment Awareness, Inner peace

An open class for all levels including beginners that celebrates the art of slowing down through soft, slow, gentle mindful and remedial movement. Everyone’s favourite way to wind down, de-stress and be in the present moment 

Restorative Yoga

December 19th 2021 2pm-4.30pm
St.Nicholas Youth Centre, Godstone (Occasional Workshops)
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Exertion Level: None
Good For: Deep Rest, Relaxation, Nourishment, Fatigue, Injury, Burnout, (Post Op, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia),  Inner peace

An open class for all levels including beginners that invites you to simply rest in blissful, delicious and peaceful yoga poses supported by yoga props. Everyone’s favourite way to replenish.

Yoga Nidra

Included in Restorative Workshops or practice online

Exertion Level: None
Good For: Total Rest, Profound Healing, Recalibration, Transformation, Manifestation, Insomnia, Burnout, Depression, Fatigue, Illness, Recovery Of Any kind.

An open class for all levels including beginners that invites you to lay down and settle into a cosy nest of blankets to experience the deepest form of guided meditation where the self rests in the space between sleep and wakefulness as you are relax into the loving arms of Mother Earth. Everyone’s favourite daily practice for life!