In Forest Row...


Sessions start with an opportunity for somatic self-connection / exploration which may be influenced by Skinner Releasing Technique, The Franklin Method, The Lucid Body Method, The Feldenkrais Method, Hanna Somatics Yoga. Our warm-up will continue to evolve from floor to standing, with traditional technique exercises, travelling phrases dynamic sequences influenced by Cunningham, Humphrey & Release Technique.

Choreography will include rooting, gravity & grounding as a foundation for relating to and expanding out into the environment. Sequences delivered will provide opportunity for the interoceptive depth that serves to orient us in our primal, natural instinct for expressive, embodied, authenticity as we move through the material. With awarenesses alive we will move, feel, sense, breath, extend, retract, expand, contract, suspend, fall, root, rise, roll, release & spiral through space. Come and dance to feel alive, enriched, elevated, centred, embodied, empowered, present, connected & liberated.


Tuesdays 7.30pm – 8.45pm (term time only)
@ The Venue On The Green, Forest Row (the new youth centre)
£13 per session / £40 per session for a block of 4
No experience necessary – you do not need to be a professional!