Restorative Yoga & CPD Training

'The Art and Science of Restorative Yoga'

A 40 hour, trauma-informed, CPD course for Yoga Teachers, bodyworkers, wellness practitioners & anyone with an interest in Restorative Yoga. All are welcome to apply.

OUR TEACHING APPROACH - Passion, Knowledge & Integrity

This Restorative Yoga Training Intensive is informed by six models of thought, holistically woven together to offer a cohesive training that holds space for an open, thoughtful & person-centred learning experience and in turn, allows students to explore, question & discover for themselves. 

  1. Traditional Yoga Philosophy
  2. Buddhist Philosophy
  3. Psychodynamic Integrative Psychotherapy
  4. Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology
  5. Trauma-Informed Practice 
  6. Nonviolent Communication

Alongside the accumulation of your knowledge, information & skill, you will also have access to a beautifully curated process of self-development that has been crafted to integrate all of the above. 

In short, our course syllabus is a well-thought out, information rich, solid & structured scheme of work (and comprehensive manual) that promotes an inclusive, coherent, rewarding & measurable learning experience.

You can expect a well-rounded and robust exploration of Restorative Yoga Postures and their variations, alternatives, contra-indications, anatomical & physiological effects & benefits, lingual enrichment, cues & considerations, correct prop set-up, alignment, adaptations, student differentiation, timings & transitions.

Provided for you then, is a Restorative Yoga foundation rooted in knowledge, experiential learning and reflective practice. These key components of our training course sit within within the context of group-work, self-enquiry & self-discovery.

TESTIMONIALS - Why this training?

“The course was really Informative and just what I needed for my work coaching Women in challenging situations. Without exception it was one of the most profound and informative experiences I have ever had” A. Tetsola

“Emma, I thought your teaching skills were great and your passion and knowledge of restorative yoga came across so well. I’d love to come to your course in May” Laura Clark, attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’ at The Float Spa, Hove 2019

“Thank you for the workshop today. Brilliant and Inspiring” Sandra Staley, attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’  at The Red Cross Centre, Oxted, 2019

“The Teacher is warm, approachable & knowledgeable about aspects of yoga I would like to know more about. The syllabus is detailed and varied. Emma’s example training manual handout was very detailed.”  Hannah Cowley, attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’  The Float Spa, Hove 2019

“I enjoy Emma’s style of teaching and approach because it is fun, clear and profound. The syllabus sounds great and is an interesting blend of Restorative Yoga alongside Somatics, Trauma-awareness and creativity. I look forward to putting it all into practice and start teaching restorative yoga” Emma Verey attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’ The Float Spa, Hove 2019

‘Your workshop was well-planned and inspirational – Many Thanks!” Frances Keeble, attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’  at The Red Cross Centre, Oxted, 2019

COURSE SYLLABUS - A common reference point for learning

  • Introduction & Meditation Practice
  • Physiology of Relaxation
  • Restorative Poses Part 1(setting up poses, variations+adaptations, transitions, teaching & hands-on assists)
  • Voice & Language
  • Meditation Practice
  • Restorative Poses Part 2 (setting up poses, variations+adaptations, transitions, teaching & hands-on assists)
  • Music / Sound / Silence
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Race-Based Stress & Trauma 
  • Sequencing & Theming
  • Meditation Practice
  • Teaching Skills and Ethics, Accountability
  • Environmental Awareness Part 1
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Restorative Poses Part 3 (setting up poses, variations+adaptations, transitions, teaching & hands-on assists)
  • Meditation Practice
  • Yoga Philosophy in the Context of Restorative Yoga
  • Environmental Awareness Part 2
  • Restorative Yoga Poses Part 4 (setting up poses, variations+adaptations, transitions, teaching & hands-on assists)
  • Reflection & Integration

ALSO INCLUDED - Skills enrichment & personal development

Led well, Somatic practices are an excellent way of beginning a Restorative Yoga Session. Rather than going directly from ‘doing’ to ‘not doing’, these exercises create an embodied, felt sense of grounded safety and security. This puts people at ease and creates an excellent platform for beginning the journey of relaxation. Somatic exercises promote gentle, mindful self-connection so that guests can contact ‘presence’ within themselves before moving into the Restorative Session that follows. This can help to promote self-regulation & attunement and can diffuse nerves, anxiety, fear of the unknown & dissociation.

This is such an important knowledge base to have as a Yoga Teacher since many people who come to our classes may be (and in my experience often are) struggling in ways that cannot be seen or known to us immediately. To have an understanding of the impact of trauma, how we can become attuned to notice and support people if it shows up in class, how we can be attuned to notice and support ourselves when it shows up in class or in you (!) and so how we can best serve ourselves and our students by educating ourselves about trauma and triggers.

Find your workshop signature (Tutors: Emma Cole – Degree in Dance  & Vocational training in Physical Theatre & Ashley Ramsden – International Storyteller and Sacred Poet). Receive expert guidance, practice & tuition around delivering words in yoga sessions: Tone, intonation, diction, vocal texture, connecting voice to spirit, projection without shouting, pacing, pause. Find the sweetness & the sacred within yourself and bring this to the table with an artistry that delicately elevates your offerings rather than distracting from them.

A radical framework for life! An introduction to the work of Marshall Rosenberg: Feelings, Needs, Empathy & Boundaries. Enrich your professional manner & serve others with compassion & care whilst preserving and protecting your own time & energy

Sangha (like-minded community) & Sadhana (spiritual routine that is alive with authenticity & intention) generates a potent space for inner growth & absorption. Together we will sit, breath & connect to ourselves and our group every day with mindfulness as we embark on the learning of knowledge & information, that our learning may be integrated into all aspects of our being. 

This course is a radical opportunity for professional growth, personal artistry & potent self-development! It contains valuable & enriching professional content, not normally included in Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings. As well as a sturdy foundation in technical knowledge & teaching skills specific to this style of Yoga, this course also shares the humanistic, holistic & artistic ingredients that have given Emma’s Restorative Yoga Sessions an appreciated, well attended and highly regarded signature. It’s not just about what we know, it’s about how we relate, how we support & acknowledge our students with authenticity & integrity and how we take care with the smaller details.

This Restorative Yoga Training Syllabus has been available to view online since 8th Jan 2019. The course content below was approved and listed by the Yoga Alliance UK on 17th Jan 2019. The British Wheel of Yoga also recognises this CPD training

TRAINING PREREQUISITES - What experience is needed?

We welcome all applications – everyone is welcome to apply as a self-development immersion. Only qualified Yoga Teachers will receive official certification though all students will receive a CPD certificate of attendance.

Qualified yoga teachers (200 hours minimum):

Yoga teachers are invited to attend with a view to teach. Especially those who have recognised their own need for Restorative Yoga and/or who want to offer Restorative Yoga – either in specifically tailored classes or workshops. 

Trainee yoga teachers, therapists, pilates teachers, life-coaches, wellness experts & yoga lovers!

No experience is required. You are most welcome to attend this course as an immersion to develop self-care & saturate yourself in the medicine of Restorative Yoga

ACCREDITATION - Is the course monitored & assessed?

Please note, there is no failure on this course – the assessment options below are optional and are there to support you to learning, growth and development.

Further training is an official requirement to be able to upgrade your qualification with the Yoga Alliance UK, on your career path to becoming a Senior Level Yoga Teacher. In our course, this is formalised through the process of a supportive, inclusive, self-directed & co-regulated assessment between Student and Teacher. This is a truly enriching way of integrating learning & development in order to blossom with passion, responsibility & professionalism that is rooted in integrity, experience & knowledge. 

CPD hours are awarded upon 1. completing attendance of the immersion and 2. completing pre-course reading (2.5hrs), journalling entries and extra-curricular reading during the course (2.5hrs). Full attendance is required. Those who are unable to attend a part of the course will be required to make up the hours with Emma as private lessons (surplus cost). 

CPD points are awarded and recognised by The British Wheel, General Osteopathic Council etc. Please check with your Professional Body for details. Please Note, The Yoga Alliance UK no longer operates a CPD structure but still requires 1000’s of hours of further training with YA Senior Yoga Teachers to be able to obtain the higher levels of certification with them.

All participants are welcome to partake in a further 4 hours of extra-curricular assessments to put your intensive learning into practice. To do so, please choose ONE of the TASKS below, set out below for the purpose of integrating personal learning from the course. Yoga Teachers choosing to do this will also gain YAP Registered Qualification from Emma Cole Yoga & Somatics totalling 45 hours.

Optional Assignments for accreditation are EITHER:

TASK 1. A written task: An exploration of a restorative teaching practice (2.5 hours) designed and delivered (to a real / real persons) by you in your own time, along with a ‘reflective practice summary’ (2.5 hours).

To include observations about what is alive for you in relationship to the class you led and your consequent positive strategies for self-regulation, self-care & self-development.

TASK 2. A practical task: plan and deliver 1 x group session, attended by Emma, & NVC empathy session feedback (this will cost an extra £50)

To demonstrate ability to plan and deliver a Restorative Yoga Session
To demonstrate radical self-care & self-empathy in this process
To demonstrate a trauma-informed approach to your work
To demonstrate reflective practice for self-development & professional growth.

A CPD certificate will be sent to students one week after the course has completed. A second ‘Emma Cole Yoga & Somatics Training School’ certificate is awarded upon submitting the assessment within 3 – 6 months of the end date of the attended course. If more time is needed this may be negotiated with Emma. If the assessment criteria are not met, constructive feedback will be given and TASKS may be re-done with a charge of £50 per task. Assignments will no longer be accepted for certification after 12 months from the course date.


2021 Spring Intake – Brighton, Sussex (venue tbc)

Monday 12th April 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 13th April
 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 14th April
 9am – 5pm
Thursday 15th April
 9am – 5pm
Friday 16th April
 9am – 5pm

2021 Autumn Intake – Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex 

Monday 6th September 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 7th
September 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 8th
September 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9th
September 9am – 5pm
Friday 10th
September 9am – 5pm

£595 early bird (book by May 30th 2020 for Autumn 2020 / book by January 1st for Spring 2021)

£650 thereafter 

To secure a space = £150 Deposit

*Instalment Options ARE Available (please open our booking form below for details)

The course fee includes 40 hours of tuition, a 120 page course manual, several Somatic Class Recordings and 5 x delicious, daily, vegetarian lunches prepared by the Emerson College Catering Team (Vegan and gluten free options are available – please email Emma to request)

APRIL 2021 – The Float Spa Training Academy, 8 Third Avenue, Hove BN3 2PX

What makes The Float Spa an award-winning health and wellbeing centre in Hove isn’t just the fact we offer floatation, yoga, massage, chiropractic care, nutrition advice and a whole host of different workshops under one roof, it’s our outstanding customer service and serene, friendly atmosphere. 

AUTUMN 2020 – Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX. The College is 45 minutes drive from Brighton and is easily commutable if travelling by car. The College is 10 minutes by taxi from East Grinstead Station. Please find more travel info here

Emerson college is a beautiful rural site – a stately home with modern teaching facilities, surrounded by fields, meadows and woods. The college is renowned for land-based studies, therapeutic education and the arts, including fantastic sculpture and story-telling.

Emerson College is a centre of education for adults that addresses the need for human approaches to today’s urgent questions. It provides opportunities for learning and transformation through education, practical initiatives, research and community building. Emerson’s aim is to develop, practice and share ways of working and living that encourage free thinking, imagination and responsibility in the world.


Click the ‘Apply Now’ button, complete the form and I will be in contact to answer any questions and approve the application. On approval, please return to this page to download a booking form (below) & pay a deposit. Your place is secured once a deposit has been paid and a booking form has been submitted.

Society needs Restorative Yoga Teachers!

Learning to teach Restorative Yoga effectively, knowledgeably, safely & with artistry will allow you to reach a wider scope of student and make a difference to more people. It will also give you more practical tools, inspiration and motivation to practice radical self-care.

The rapid acceleration of technology & the onslaught of continual stimulation / information means that the type of electrical activity saturating the brain leads to heightened (hyper) anxiety and altered arousal responses, causing more fear, anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, mental cloudiness and diminishing higher, intuitive-transpersonal mental functioning; in other words, a shutting down of our higher intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness.

Vigorous Yoga styles have tended to dominate the modern Yoga movement with fantastic benefits in their own right. The pace, exercise, stimulation & activity inherent in these styles means that the electrical activity in the brain may sometimes remain in an excited state or partially excited.

Where are we offering our students the chance to develop the art of going slow? The capacity to truly switch off? To become deeply quiet? To soften? To experience the medicine of ‘not-doing’? To taste the tonic of profound surrender? Where are we offering our students brains and bodies the chance to recover, to step OUT of the hyper-charged feeling of having to be ‘on’ all the time?

It is my firm belief that Yoga Teachers have the opportunity to counter the fast-pace conditioning that is causing so much harm to our tired bodies and frazzled minds. We can help steer the collective consciousness towards a radically slow, more mindful way of being. Here is a blog I wrote last Winter about Restorative Yoga as a radical and political act.

Most folk are longing for and desperately in need of gentle, quiet & still yoga sessions more than ever before. This style of Yoga is a fabulous tonic for anyone living a modern life and may be particularly beneficial for those with ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Burnout, Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Please note, the yoga events listed in the above blog have now passed. For active Restorative Yoga Workshops with Emma, click here. 

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